Demo the IDEportal

Click below for limited access to a sample of the many valuable resources in the IDEportal. The demo will give you limited access to a Resource Library packed with

  • Problem-Based Learning Units w/ CCSS alignment
  • Instructional Planning Tools w/ Teacher Evaluation Rubric alignment
  • How-to pages to help you with much of the common educational technology available
  • Articles to provide insight and reflection on your LATI Classroom experience
  • Media resources featuring screen casts and interviews of teachers and IDE consultants

... and the Core Learning area with powerful ideas

  • to help and guide teachers through the Design and Implementation of student-centered instruction in classrooms and
  • for those in Leadership positions to support and guide schools and teachers.

When exploring the limited demo of the IDEportal you only have full access to resources labeled by the title. For more information or to subscribe, please Contact Us.